The quotes below are from students who took the class Winter quarter 2006. Their experience levels ranged from complete beginner to WGA pro.

Having worked professionally as a writer, and taken a good many courses in all the various aspects of screenwriting and television writing, I can honestly say that Bonnie’s course is like no other that I’ve taken before. The goal is to get you writing and keep you writing. All the exercises are designed to break you out of the box. But, the best part for me, is I’ve gone from being completely burnt out with writer’s block – to rediscovering the joy of writing. No small feat that!

S.H. Brin , WGA writer

The value of this class FAR exceeds the cost! The cost is less than Robert McKee’s weekend course and is taught much more intimately, as a result, your learning curve is accelerated and you walk away with feedback and tools that launch you into being a committed, confident, professional writer.

This is the best writing class I have taken in over ten years of taking classes…much better than the 2-3 day mass-market courses. Now have a robust tool kit from which to choose to build characters, plot…scenes. I’ve really learned how to see visuals and voices so that the story and characters are more than interesting. This course is geared toward the novice OR experienced writer. Bonnie MacBird, the instructor, is a master teacher who allows everyone to move at their own pace and provides rich feedback relative to your skill development. My writing is 10,000 times better.

Rob Turfe, independent writer/producer

After learning from Bonnie in my first screenwriting class at UCLA Extension, I definitely want to take more screenwriting classes here at UCLA and also complete the Screenwriting Certificate Program.

C. Jett , SAG Actor, screenwriting award winner

I’ve been an actor producer, director, editor, casting director and teacher. I can honestly say this class has been one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. It’s inspiring, passionate, packed full of information and highly motivational. I must admit with all I’ve done, I’ve never had to write a scene, never thought I could. Bonnie put that to rest her first class. She takes away the fear of failing and has the wonderful ability to make one feel like they can accomplish anything. Pulling from all avenues, she’s able to introduce and help one address the right side of the brain, tapping into that genius in all of us. Showing how to get there quickly and stay there longer. In my opinion this class is unique and no matter what level you’re at, you’ll get a lot out of it.

R. Bengston, SAG Actor/Director/Teacher

A truly inspiring class for someone who has never written. The instructor’s enthusiasm and encouragement made me do more than I thought I could.

Enough material and sources to draw on for at least 6 months.

No matter what level you enter with; you’ll finish higher, equipped with solid awareness of what it takes to write a scene from your own story.

Remarkable synthesis of art, psychology, and craft.

William Stavers, animal behaviorist, first time screenwriter

Screenwriting on the Write Side of the Brain is an exceptional course by an extraordinary teacher. Bonnie MacBird has a unique way of reaching and motivating all types of personalities in her students. I believe her teaching style, wealth of experience and knowledge can benefit writers at all stages, from beginner to advanced.

Ms. MacBird uses games and exercises to unlock creative potential and get her students in “the flow” or “in the zone”. Bonnie’s choices in her required reading section are wonderful, each screenplay illustrating many nuances of the rich fabric of the course syllabus. The course from week to week was challenging, exciting, fun and soon became my favorite night of the week. I was sorry when the course was over, and I’m looking forward to furthering my studies with “The Write Brain, Screenwriting and Ms. Bonnie MacBird.

J. Fontaine, actor and writer

The most important lesson I learned in Bonnie’s class is that the creative moment is in the act of writing. Write first, write now. Leave the judgement, editing and revision for later, write now.

M. Perez, SAG actor, director,

There’s more than one way to skin a cat and more than one way to ignite your very own creative fire. Bonnie has helped me find new ways to do just that.

G. Alvarez, SAG actor/writer.

Having attended the Juilliard School Drama division, the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art – I can say that Bonnie’s class covers all the bases of approaching the craft involved in storytelling. Whether it’s working from the outside in or the inside out, she provides a massive toolbox of skills to help you find your flow in writing, while making sure that you are telling an engaging and potentially marketable story. She brings a wealth of diverse experience to the table, and I walk out of every class inspired, ready to write, and ready to explore and integrate the new tool of the week. This is both a technical and inspirational class.

M. Goldstrom, actor, writer, filmmaker

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